Do you think that The Best Value Approach is easy to implement? While the Best Value Approach and PIPS method has been proven to be simple, logical and effective, it doesn’t mean that implementing the process will be easy.  I have compiled the top 5 dangers of implementing the Best Value Approach:

1.) Thinking you can do it alone

Every organization comes to the point where they think that they can do it alone without the support of Best Value Experts. In our experience, no organization has been able to sustain a Best Value Effort without the support of a Best Value Expert. Especially with large organizations that have high turnover rates, the Best Value Approach can easily be diluted and thrown away. It is in our human nature to revert back to traditional procurement.

2.) Deviating from the process

As organizations use the process, they try to change the process to make it easier and less work. What these people don’t realize is that every step was created for a specific purpose. All the different processes are created in such a way to minimize risk, utilize expertise, and create transparency. When you deviate from the process, you can expect to encounter trouble and risk!

3.) Not having a strategic plan

A strategic plan is necessary to implementing the Best Value Approach in an organization.  Many organizations have received great results from projects but were unable sustain the effort due to their lack of direction and documentation. All the effort and work done to implement the approach should have a specific reason. A lot of time can be wasted and an entire effort can be eliminated, if there is no plan to make the effort sustainable.

4.) Trying to rush implementation

Every organization wants change, and they want it now! It can be very dangerous to rush the implementation of the BVA. When you rush implementation, you are more likely to make a mistake, experience difficulty and obtain poor results. We recommend choosing wisely your first test projects ,and key people. Doing this will enable you to create a foundation where on the Best Value Approach can be sustainable.

5.) Making big decisions

Some bosses just like to make decisions! When things don’t appear to being going well, it can be difficult to resist the temptation of going back to the traditional reactive mentality. Making this change from decision making to utilization of expertise is not easy. Best Value Experts should help create transparency in order to minimize the amount of decisions made and keep the bosses relaxed.

If you don’t believe us, then listen to some of the expert on the Best Value Approach that have related their experiences with working and implementing this type of system!

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Top 5 Dangers of implementing the Best Value Approach
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