Marcin, Pawel, Tomsz [SIDIR visionaries]. Isaac Kashiwagi and Dr. Dean

On March 6th, Dr. Dean had the opportunity to visit Krakow, Poland and participate in one of most exciting and well planned Best Value conferences.  This was the first time that Poland was introduced to “Best Value”.  There were a number of reasons the presentation was so successful.  The tremendous success of the “Best Value Approach” (BVA) in the Netherlands over the past five years, and the efforts of the Dutch  association of consulting engineers and the European Federation of Engineering  Consulting Associations (EFCA) to educate all of Europe on the “BVA” paved the way by identifying the Polish visionaries.  The participation of the Dutch Embassy in Poland, who funded the translation of the Dutch Best Value Procurement (BVP) book into Polish was critical.  The leadership of the Polish Consulting Engineers and Experts Association [SIDIR] group led by a group of visionaries Pawel Zejer [], Tomasz Latawiec [],  Marcin Mikulewicz [] and Tamara Małasiewicz  [] showed great enthusiasm.  They contacted the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) and Dr. Dean, the father of the Best Value Approach at Arizona State University and funded him to come and present in a one day conference.

From left to right: Adriaan Palm (Dutch ambassador in Poland), Guusje Korthals Altes (Head Economic Department of the Dutch embassy in Poland), Wiebe Witeeveen (Best Value Group), Jeroen van de Rijt (Best Value Group), Dr. Dean, Dorota van den Bercken (Trade Advisor at the Dutch Embassy in Poland and coordinator of the workshop) , Tomsz Lataweic (SIDIR), Mikolaj Fiksinski (Scenter), Johannes Hiemstra, (Rijkswaterstaat) [please put full names and companies]

They also invited key Dutch visionaries Jeroen van de Rijt and Wiebe Witteveen from the Best Value Group in the Netherlands.  In a follow-on conference with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the European Federation of Engineering  Consulting Associations (EFCA) and representing FIDIC in Europe, the team of Best Value Experts put on one of the most outstanding BV presentations ever witnessed by Dr. Dean.  Pawel and the Polish visionaries are some of the most committed group of BV visionaries Dr. Dean has ever met.  They are so enthusiastic to follow the lead of the Dutch visionaries.  The Best Value Approach will become more common in Europe as the dominant, win-win BV results become more well known.  Our hats off to Pawel and his team!  Stunning success!  Dr. Dean will continue to work with this group of visionaries in Poland.

Poland 2
The beautiful castle right across of the BV presentation location.


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The Best Value Effort in Poland
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