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B+ Certification

The B+ BVC (Best Value Certification) is the 3rd highest comprehension level of certification a professional can achieve. It signifies a person has an understanding of the Information Measurement Theory (IMT) , which is the foundation of logic the Best Value processes are built upon.


Professionals pursuing the B+ BVC are required to attend a minimum of 1 best value training/presentation.

Renewal of Certification

The Best Value processes and concepts are dynamic and constantly changing to meet the requirements of a changing industry. As a result, professionals must renew their certificate every 2 years.


  1. Pass the Information Measurement Theory (IMT) Exam: This exam is highly conceptually based and certifies that a professional understands the basic principles and concepts that construct the Best Value paradigm. Examinations can only be taken at specialized training presentations, set appointments and the Annual Best Value Conference. Exams are proctored and distributed by Kashiwagi Solution Model.