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A Certification

The A BVC (Best Value Certification) is the 2nd highest comprehension level of certification a professional can achieve. It signifies a professional has shown competency in the application of the Best Value process and concepts in one or more projects. The A certification is given by the local approved Certification Board, in areas where an approved Best Value Certification Board does not exist, Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) will certify professionals.

Renewal of Certification

The Best Value processes and concepts are dynamic and constantly changing to meet the requirements of a changing industry. Depending on the requirements of the local approved Certification Board, professionals may be required to renew every year.


*Note: Requirements may have slight variations depending on the local approved Best Value Certification Board. The following are the requirements for the PBSRG Board:

  1. Annual publication of a case study article through PBSRG which summarizes the application of Best Value on a project within procurement or project management from the perspective of either the client or vendor. The paper should include:
    1. A description of the project.
    2. A description of the application of Best Value.
    3. Overall results and lessons learned.
  2. Annual validation of Best Value documents by PBSRG board. Documents necessary will depend on the perspective taken (client or vendor) and the area selected (procurement / PM):
    1. Procurement documents needed:
      1. Request for Proposal (RFP).
      2. Vendor RFP submittals.
      3. Selection Matrix.
      4. Dominance check justification.
      5. Clarification documents.
      6. Weekly Risk Report.
      7. Close out survey.
    2. Project Management documents needed:
      1. Clarification documents.
      2. Weekly Risk Report.
      3. Close out survey.