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The “A” BVC (Best Value Certification) is the 2nd highest comprehension level of certification a professional can achieve. It signifies a professional has shown competency in the application of the Best Value process and concepts in one or more projects. The “A” certification is given by local approved Best Value Certification Boards, in areas where an approved Best Value Certification Board does not exist, PBSRG will certify professionals. The following Best Value Boards have been approved to give “A” certification. Please note that each certification board may have different processes and fees.

Dutch Certification Board

grietsje-van-der-heideGrietsje van der Heide

jan-huttenJan Hutten

jannie-kosterJannie Koster

jeroen-van-de-rijtJeroen van de Rijt

pascalPascal Evertz

wiebe-witteveen-2Wiebe Witteveen

wim-de-vriesWim de Vries

wout-groenveldWout Groeneveld

Haiko Brinkers

Ingrid van Oers

Jan Hutten

Marcus van der Ven

Steven Bookelman

Susan van Hes

PBSRG Certification Board

Dean Kashiwagi

Jacob Kashiwagi

Isaac Kashiwagi