Kashiwagi Solution Model is the expert in business management and procurement of services. For over 15 years we have been working with professionals from all over the world to transform and support their business needs. We mainly focus on providing these certain consulting services:

  • Seminars and provisional educational services on management, procurement, documentation, and leadership
  • Tutoring of Best Value Principles in the work place
  • Provide consultation to organizations concerning minimizing project risk, optimizing management system, and documenting performance measurements
  • Supporting contractors and vendors in Bid proposals
  • Assisting and supporting procurement departments in cutting costs, improving performance, and mitigating risk
  • Spreading the Best Value Approach and Best Value Efforts throughout the world

We work with our clients each individually to provide the most value for their organizations. For a quote or question about our services fill out this   FORM


Other Services you might be interested are below:


Annual Best Value Conference

The Best Value Conference is the leading educational platform in procurement innovation. It equips owners and vendors with the essentials in understanding how to acquire greater quality of services without paying more.


Online Education – Conference Footage

This package provides the most complete education for any new or experienced Best Value practitioners. Learn the Best Value philosophy and process, accompanied with real life problems, case studies, and solutions from the 2015 Conference Package.


Best Value Certification

Best Value Certification is a way to distinguish the experts on the Best Value Approach from the “inexperienced”. Learn from the best and become the best!