Information Measurement Theory  +  Best Value Approach [2 Book Set]

Author: Dean Kashiwagi                           Copyright: © 2016 Kashiwagi
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About the Author:

  • Kashiwagi has developed a system that streamlines the process of purchasing and contract management so that the most qualified vendors are selected and empowered to perform their expertise at an optimal level. These books explain the theory behind the system, give examples of its implementation, and provide detailed instructions on how to implement.
  • The technology has been tested over 1800 times totaling over $6 Billion ($4.2B in construction projects and $2.2B in non-construction/professional service projects) with a 98% success rate since 1994.

    New Addition:

    With every purchase of the book set, we will be including the newest book “How to know everything without knowing everything”. It is a condensed version of both books that can be read in one night. It contains everything necessary for professionals to learn and implement the Best Value Approach.