Best Value PIPS was identified not only as a best value business system, but a methodology or technology to optimize organizational structure and environments. The risk management portion of PIPS was renamed the Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS) to emphasize that it was not only a procurement/contract tool, but a technology/methodology to optimize performance and minimize risk. PIRMS emphasizes the pre-planning and risk management aspects of PIPS.

PIRMS can be used to:

  1. Reorganize supply chains or organizations.
  2. Make employees more proactive.
  3. Force preplanning and having a plan based on metrics.
  4. Assist vendors to control their project by assigning accountability to all participants in the supply chain including the client/buyers’ representatives.
  5. Measure all participants’ performance in the supply chain.
  6. Minimize risk by documenting deviation.
  7. Manage a project by minimizing time and cost deviations.

Risk Management