The State of Oklahoma has been using the BV PIPS process since 2009. They are one of the longest sustaining best value efforts in the United States. Due to a governor’s executive order in October of 2015, this group was not able to attend the 2016 Best Value Conference! So… the conference came to them! Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and Issac Kashiwagi had the opportunity of educating this group at their own facilities. Jacob Charries, an A+ certified visionary, was able to join in the training and teach the group about how to avoid protests from vendors. The State has always been very proactive in mitigating the amount of protests that are filed. Over the 7 years of using the BV PIPS process, they have received 6 protests that were all dismissed. Their program has been a testament that BV PIPS mitigates the risk of legitimate protests.

The conference took on a little different perspective than the usual conference due to the fact that there were a few lawyers in the room. Some of the discussion turned to how lawyers could be used in the best value process. They agreed that lawyers were a great asset in mitigating the risk of owners making mistakes in the process. It is the lawyers job to make sure that their client is not doing anything that might provoke a vendor protest. As always, Dr. Kashiwagi thoroughly enjoyed his time spent with the Oklahoma visionaries. The State of Oklahoma is one of the leaders in the Best Value Approach in the United States. We look forward to seeing more results and case studies from all of their efforts!

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Oklahoma Best Value Conference

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