Monday, November 7, 2016

Technical University Delft, faculty Industrial Design engineering

  • Dr. Dean Kashiwagi stumbles and falls over a meter from the last row seat [due to unsafe and inadequate clearance to aisle] down the stairs landing on his back
  • Frank Smit, Antea Group, is chatting with two other attendees at the foot of the stairs, sees Dr. Dean stumbling down the stairs and catches his head, preventing Dr. Dean from having a serious concussion which would have seriously affected the entire Best Value effort.
  • Frank Smit is responsible for saving Best Value PIPS creator “Dr. Dean” Kashiwagi on November 7, 2016, by catching his head on a disastrous fall of over a meter.
  • Dr. Dean and his family will forever be grateful for Frank’s quick thinking and reactions.

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Frank Smit Saves the Best Value Guru Dr. Dean

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