Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, Ph.D. visits the Road Directorate in Copenhagen on May 30th and 31st 2016. where his group  will facilitate a workshop, and come up with inspiring and challenging presentations on BVP Program (preliminary)

May 30th from 13-17                         May 31st from 9-12
Presentations and Q&A             Cases and Q&A (continued)

Are you interested to participate in the workshop, please take contact to Erik Stig Jørgensen (estj@vd.dk)

The workshop addresses topics like:

  • The experience with BVP in USA and the Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat/RWS)
  • Review of the BVP-concept
  • Achieving better quality at lower prices (results)
  • Minimizing risks (how?)
  • Exploitation of the supplier’s specialist knowledge (how?)
  • Why the usual management controls do not produce the desired results
  • Review of RWS price correction model (EMAT)
  • How can the Total Economy (LCC) be optimized

The workshop is intended for professionals that deal with project and tender responsibilities including procurement and contract management. The number of participants from VD is expected to total 20 to 25, and where we get good opportunity to discuss the approach.

More details on the event’s program will be sent later.

Dean KashiwagiProfessor Kashiwagi introduced BVP for more than 23 years ago, 1850+ tests, 95% client satisfaction, tested in 7 countries and the system is now widespread in the US and is increasingly widespread in Europe, including in countries such as the Netherlands and Finland.

Rijkswaterstaat adopted the system for almost 10 years ago and has proven successful experience in terms of better quality for the same or lower prices and lower transaction costs by tendering.

Globalization has brought more attention to optimization of deliveries and service. In today’s economy there is no room for waist.

As processes become more effective, the use of traditional management and control methods is gradually replaced by the use and exploitation of expert knowledge.

BVP is designed to minimize project risks by identifying and taking advantage of the contractor’s true expert knowledge.

CopenhagenThe public Client gets the possibility to optimize project value, and at the same time, reducing project costs – even if the client is not self an expert.

The approach is a method of identifying the right expertise from suppliers without the public client necessarily being an expert in the specific field of work. BVP provides tools to minimize the risks that the supplier has no control over, and also allows to minimize the need for client management and control of the services and/or system that the supplier shall deliver.

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Copenhagen Workshop – Best Value Procurement

One thought on “Copenhagen Workshop – Best Value Procurement

  • April 27, 2016 at 11:46 am

    I recommand this workshop to all clients and suppliers that suffer from win-loose or even loose-loose contracts.
    Paul Oortwijn
    President Best Value Netherlands


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