The construction industry in Saudi Arabia has experienced a boom during the last 30 years since the government spending on infrastructure from 2008 to 2013 was estimated at $574.7 Billion. The high rate of spending has made the Saudi construction industry the largest market in the Middle East and is expected to lead much of the growth in the region through 2015. Despite the growth of the construction industry, it has experienced poor performance for the past thirty years.

Many Professors have identified possible causes for the poor performance but there have been no publications identifying what the source of the problem is, how to mitigate the problem, and actual testing to validate the proposed solution. This has left universities unable to assist in improving the performance of the Saudi Construction Industry.

Yasir Alhammadi, a Saudi Arabian Master’s Student, reviewed 4500 papers, which were filtered by 15 million papers, to find a research group that might have a solution to the Saudi construction industry. From all of the papers, Yasir identified Performance Based Studies Research Group as the only research group that had sufficient documentations and publications that identified the increase in performance, value and customer satisfaction in the construction industry due to their concepts.

PBSRG identified that the main problem of the Saudi Arabian construction industry was their traditional research approach. Based on the evidence from years of research, Yasir and a group of researchers were convinced that PBSRG could help to improve the Saudi industry. They formed a Saudi Research Group (SRG) to integrate the PBSRG research approach into the Saudi Arabian country.

The SRG have set as an objective to modify the PBSRG research operational model, partner with PBSRG, and set up a Saudi Arabian PBSRG in the Saudi university environment. Currently, the SRG is being mentored by PBSRG, and is planning to partner with PBSRG, run tests and do theoretical development, then break away from PBSRG and become a Saudi branch of PBSRG. All of these development help to improve the construction industry of Saudi Arabia in a logical and possible way!

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Construction Development for Saudi Arabia
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