With advances in technology and more complex processes in projects, project managers get overwhelmed with the vast amount of technical knowledge needed to coordinate and oversee projects. In order to become more successful, project managers are being trained on more and more technical fields. Even with all their technical knowledge they still lack the expertise to manage these complex projects.

The Best Value Approach has a solution to this problem. The solution is changing the role of the project mangers from managing, directing, and controlling to a role where his sole purpose is to simplify, coordinate and utilize expertise. With our solution we want Project managers to do less work, have less meetings, and communicate less. A Project manager’s job is to simplify the project and create transparency . They can achieve this by utilizing dominant metrics. By using dominant metrics on the project, every person on  a project can understand the progress and risks involved. In this way the project manager utilizes expertise to facilitate the team in achieving success. This is the future of the project manager!


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