Every year a planning meeting takes place in Lille to review and plan the annual Best Value conference in Tempe.  The meeting this year will be used to:

  1. Discuss change from PBSRG website to W117 website and website changes.
  2. Discuss relevant BV topics that have come up during the year.
  3. Discuss relative efforts by different groups.
  4. Discussion of fall Dutch visit and IMT presentation.
  5. Certification program recommendations for A certification, and B and B+.
  6. Run a trial test of potential test questions for TTT.

The trainings and discussions are led by Isaac with Dr. Dean assisting between his other appointments. We usually invite 3 or 4 people to assist. This year there may be up to eight this year, space is limited so RSVP ASAP with Isaac Kashiwagi (Isaackashiwagi@ksm-inc.com).  There is no charge for licensed groups [first one is free]. There will be a fee for others of $750/head.

Location: Lille, France


August 22nd (Monday) – Review of new CIB W117 website, publication, Certification program and other discussions.

August 23rd (Tuesday) – Full day BVA discussion 9AM – 3PM (led by Isaac Kashiwagi)

August 24th (Wednesday) – ½ day BVA discussion, ½ day draft Train the Trainer exam 9AM – 3PM (led by Isaac Kashiwagi)

August 25th (Thursday) – half day discussion on LSA, high school education 9AM – 12PM (led by Isaac Kashiwagi)

*please note that attendees are welcome to all sessions in the agenda.

Thank you!


Dr. Dean and Isaac Kashiwagi

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