healthcareOn June 6, 2016  Kees Rietman and Erik Marshave organized the small Best Value Healthcare Congress. This year there will be an interesting program with several sessions. Like last year, Dean and Isaac Kashiwagi will be presenting.

Participants can choose from the following sessions:

Raymond Baker: Best Value ‘Dossier Telecom & ICT in the healthcare sector “: Less is more !,

In this session, we share with you our experiences of Telecom and ICT procurement that have proven to be valuable in the past year for various companies, institutions and hospitals. We will share with you our best practices to help make you sucessful! Is your organization ready for success?

Raymond Baker Partner and senior Resultant with Furtado Resultancy

Furtado Resultancy specializes in counseling and perform Telecom, Cloud and IT procurement projects

Marcel Walker and Rob Schennink: The Best Value experiences Woonzorg Flevoland

WZF thinks it is important to get quality care, which is why WZF uses Best Value to accomplish their  vision and mission.WZF collaborates with suppliers, pursues common quality and combines them with innovative solutions to focus on its main task: providing care.

WZF has executed two best value procurements in 2015. Marcel Walker and Rob Schennink of Diabolo ICT  will go through their lessons learned, parts where organizations struggle implementing, the Do’s and Don’ts, etc.

Jorn Verwey: A Best Value procurement by a hospital. Considerations and contributions procurement, integration into procurement legislation and result

On behalf of VU University Medical Center, AMC and AVL is a complex medical device purchased with support from Procurement AMC. This tender is successfully completed, including a victorious protest. The protest verdict gives clear frameworks for Best Value to be integrated successfully within the European procurement legislation. The presentation will highlight the role of purchasing, the apparatus of the tender process, the background of the protests and the consequences of the judgment.

Wencke Heijblok: Best Value in the uitvoering

Wencke HeijblokWencke Heijblok, the Best Value Group, takes you in her workshop focusing on the execution phase of Best Value.

Best Value’s performance is focused on how well you can utilize expertise. The Best Value approach requires a different attitude in the cooperation between contractor and client. A clear division of labor and  responsibilities are important elements that contribute to a successful implementation.

In the first part of the workshop Wencke reflects on lessons from the implementation of Best Value processes. It provides insight into the roles of client and contractor and the associated pitfalls. Wencke zooms briefly the function of the execution phase in relation to the implementation and function of the weekly risk reporting.

In the second part of the workshop, participants are challenged to think over and find answers to Best Value case studies from practice.

Isaac Kashiwagi: Best Value and Leadership

Isaac KashiwagiEvery organization has to deal with poor performance. Often organizations start look to changing contractual agreements, technical aspects of work and the details of their work environment to improve performance. After 20 years of research in various sectors, I found the problem is not any specific technique but in people. The solution is Best Value leadership.

Isaac Kashiwagi shows you in this session how traditional leadership in combination with Best Value result indicates. Management, direction, and control anagement, direct and control but the deployment of expertise to reduce costs, increase performance and generate greater profits.

There are still a few places available. For the complete program and quotation on:

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Best Value Healthcare Congress – Erik Mars & Kees Rietman

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