The Best Value Approach is the only way that experts in procurement of services do business. It has proven to be successful on over 1800+ projects totaling to $6.4 Billion with a customer satisfaction of 98% (Kashiwagi 2016). The Best Value Approach technology has evolved over 20 years of research to a a near perfected state. Even though the Best Value Approach has been developed, it still is not easy to implement for some organizations who are mired in the traditional model of management, direction and control. It is a paradigm shift. The Best Value Approach can only be used when certain requirements are met. The certain requirements that need to be met in order for a best value effort to be success are:

1. The owner is visionary and has at least one logical, visionary project manager.
2. The owner wants efficiency, value and lower costs.
3. The owner wants transparency, accountability, and measurement.
4. The best value contractor/vendor needs to be identified and selected.
5. The owner knows that they want to hire an expert.
6. The owner is willing to minimize decision making, management, direction, and control.

 The BV environment will not include those who are blind and price based. These are basic requirements that are necessary to be successful in implementing this Best Value Approach. Without these fundamental requirements, there is no chance of an organization being able implement this system. The BV PIPS environment will always be cost controlled and competitive. The best value will be the best value for the lowest cost. Dominant documentation should show lower cost and higher value. Although the system and ideas are so simple, not every procurement agent or contract agent can utilize this approach. It Best Value Approach takes a owner that has the capability to understand and utilize the developed and tested system that achieves results. Any organization looking to adopt this type of system needs to have a visionary who can push and support the paradigm change.

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Best Value Environment Checklist/Requirements
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