In August, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi presented at the NIGP Arizona Capitol Chapter on the Procurement of the Future. The Arizona Capitol Chapter of NIGP was established and organized in October of 1977, and is focused on developing efficient purchasing methods in the in the field of governmental, educational and public institutional procurement.

The presentation was received well and people were captivated by the concepts of the Best Value Approach. They were most astonished by the idea that they could save up to 30% on procurement costs by utilizing this methodology. It was a full hour of education explaining the changes that need to occur for procurement to be more efficient. After the presentation, the group was inspired to be more efficient and adopt some of the concepts in the presentation.

Dr. Kashiwagi Presenting


Brandy Anderson, the event organizer, provided some comments below:

“Dr. Dean was engaging to listen to.  His presentation was simple and easy to follow. He incorporated humor into his presentation which held the audience’s interest.  His visuals were helpful in getting his message across.  It was nice that he had other options outside of our career seminar, such as the conference or workshop he would be hosting, I believe it was sometime next year. So for anyone who wants to continue with his idea and learn more, they are able to do so.  Dr. Dean was on time, prepared, and professional.  We’ve had some boring speakers before, but he is not one of them. He did a good job!”

In addition to the presentation, we raffled off the latest books as a gift to the chapter. With 60 people in the running for the book, only one lucky individual was given the book!


The Lucky Winner of the Raffle


We appreciate the chapter for hosting an event with us! The chapter is filled with wonderful people that have great energy! We would love to come back again sometime!

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Arizona NIGP Capital Chapter Presentation

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