Kashiwagi Family
Kashiwagi Family

Kashiwagi Solution Model Inc. is the expert in procurement, risk management, and project management. In the year 2000, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi created this company as a response to the growing problems in the industry of procurement and management. At first the Dr. Kashiwagi thought that the growing project failures¬† in the industry were due to a lack of expertise [vendors] and an increase of complex technologies. After analyzing successful and unsuccessful projects, they found this conclusion to be inaccurate. They realized that the industry failures weren’t due to the lack of technical competencies but were directly correlated with the management of people.

Management problems have been around since the being of time but we could find no solution that was simple, understandable, and applicable to procurement. The solution appeared from the mostly unlikely source, the Kashiwagi Family. The Kashiwagi Family was the creator of the approach, that would change the world of procurement and management forever. The Kashiwagi Family would also prove to be the first documented pilot project for The Best Value Approach.

Best Value Procurement 3

After 16 years of research and development, The Best Value Approach has now become a mainstream procurement and management method that has proven again and again to cut costs, improve quality, and minimize risk. This approach has proven to be so successful that The Kashiwagi Brothers (Joseph & Isaac) have taken upon themselves the mission to spread the Best Value Approach all over the world. They are committed to helping organizations adopt this approach to become more successful and profitable.

KSM Inc. has consulted and educated over 10,000 professionals since 2000. Every year they hold an Annual Best Value Conference with professionals from all over the world that want to be educated on Best Value. KSM Inc. is the professional hub for using the Best Value Approach throughout the world. They work individually with each client to make sure that we are adding value to their businesses. They work because they love what they do. Nothing brings them more happiness than to see their clients succeed! They hope to share their expertise with you!

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