BenefeitsIn the last five years, the economy has been in a downturn. Government and private organizations must become more efficient with their remaining funds and minimize waste. When funding becomes more critical, waste becomes unacceptable. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the investment of hiring an external BV expert (Dutch BV Experts) to assist in the initial implementation. The investment should be explained in four different ways:

1) This is a paradigm shift. Past tests have shown that a person can increase their capability five times in the new paradigm. The investment covers all education, process and paradigm changes, and ensures that the project will be delivered successfully (based on previous test results.)

2) There is no person in the user’s organization that can do all the activities of the BV expert.

3) There is a high level of risk of delivering the project in a traditional manner. Delivering large IT projects have a very bad reputation (75% failure, high management cost, dissatisfied users.) These projects are great test projects. Past tests have identified a change in the delivery system could easily minimize project cost by 10%.

4) A fourth explanation is that when a core team in a technical area is attempting to learn and implement the BV PIPS process, they may have a group of projects. These projects can be run one at a time or over a period of a couple of years. The BV PIPS consulting fees can be easily justified over the number of projects.

Dr. Dean Explaining Best Value Simply

In many situations, the visionary does not take this approach and does not fully understand the scope of the change of paradigm. From the State of Hawaii, United Air Lines, State of Missouri and the GSA, visionaries in every client had this issue to some degree. The biggest flaw in BV PIPS is its simplicity. When some see the simplicity of the system, they think:

  1. That everyone can do it.
  2. That they are already doing it.
  3. That they understand how to implement as well as the BV experts.
  4. That BV experts should be cheaper or charge less for something so simple.

If an organization wants to transform itself from a bureaucracy to a very efficient, measured organization the cost of one BV expert is very economical. The cost of changing the paradigm is not difficult to justify.

The most profound statement came from Gordon Matsuoka, retired State of Hawaii, head of Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS), after being an early visionary with PBSRG (1997-2001), stated “PBSRG services is an asset to any client making the paradigm shift, and in some way clients should stay connected with PBSRG. Dr. Dean and PBSRG have such a thorough understanding of IMT and PIPS, they can resolve issues that no one else can.” (Matsuoka, Nov 11, 2011 conversation)

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4 Ways to Justify Hiring a Best Value Expert
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