The 2018 Annual Best Value Conference was an incredible success with attendees from all over the world including Norway, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and 13 states in the United States.

The global Best Value Approach (BVA) efforts are moving forward at a rapid pace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia preparing to move into phase II of applying the BVA to the national classification system for contractors in the areas of project and risk management.  Dr. Dean, Dr. Jacob and Isaac Kashiwagi were presented an award by the Saudi government for their efforts so far.

The conference highlighted key issues and the future of the Best Value Approach including:

  1. The release of Volume II of Dr. Dean’s publications, How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything.  Volume II clarifies to practitioners that the BVA approach is a vendor centric approach which has its greatest impact in the application to project management and risk management.
  2. The importance of running a Weekly Risk Report and Director’s Report within the execution of a project.
  3. Dominant case studies of BVA within ICT, construction and services.
  4. The difference between the BVA and the Vested approach and the danger of contract related solutions which focus on negotiations and collaboration.
  5. The difference between the BVA and the agile approach and the danger of short term planning which increases collaboration, consensus and communication.

The future of the Best Value Approach looks as bright as ever with more and more documented tests and practitioners to confirm that making things simple, utilizing expertise and minimizing thinking and decision making are to key to success.

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The 2018 Best Value Conference Gathers Visionaries From All Over the World
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