Many people ask where the Best Value Model originated from. It is shocking to think that this model, that has changed the way procurement is done, was created in the Kashiwagi Family. All of the methodology and theories  in the Best Value Model came from one man trying to survive with eight children.

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi created the Best Value Model as he raised his children. Hez tested and refined the methodology by implementation in the home. Even now, all of his expertise that he has gained comes from his family experiences and observation.

At the Best Value Conference, you will get the opportunity to hear from Dean’s family and their experiences in creating a “Best Value” Family. The conference will answer the following questions and more:

  • What can I do to help my family?
  • How can I have a peaceful family?
  • How do I educate my children?
  • How can I have an optimal marriage?

Kashiwagi Family

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2016 BVC: “Best Value” Family

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